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I was flying to India with my son and his partner, the main purpose of which was to meet her family. We were flying with Kuwait airlines, and about a week before we flew we were told that our two hour wait in Kuwait had now been extended to 19 hours! Not to worry though, under Kuwait law, the airline must provide us with a hotel for free, with complementary meals. I immediately spotted an opportunity to do some birding in Kuwait and see a few really special species.

Sounds good except that once in the free hotel you're not allowed to leave it until two hours before your outbound flight because the hotel is still within the airport security zone. So no chance of a few hours touring Kuwait if you take that option. I decided to decline the free hotel and booked the Holiday Inn just outside the airport at my own expense. No problem leaving the airport, I simply went to immigration when I got off the plane and they took my details and gave me a visa. It took about 10 minutes including queueing, and the hotel sent a driver to pick me up.

The next day my flight was at 17:00 and with my hold luggage still somewhere within the depths of the airport waiting to be tranferred to my next flight, I only had hand luggage with me, so no need to check in and no need to be back at the airport until 15:00. So at 06:30 I was picked up at the hotel by a local birding guide, AbdulRahman, and he took me birding for the eight hours or so that I had available. In total we saw 67 species of which 14 were new to me. A trip report from India is under the India thread on this forum.

The main species that I wanted to see was crab plover and we managed to find a flock of 31 birds on the beach at Sulaibikhat Sports Club. It was an amazing eight hours, with four species of wheatear, three species of eagle, hypocolious, namanqua doves, pied kingfishers and many other great birds.

1 Bar-tailed godwit

2 Black Kite

3 Black-crowned Night Heron

4 Black-headed Gull

5 Black-winged Kite

6 Caspian gull

7 Caspian Stonechat

8 Caspian Tern

9 Chiffchaff

10 Collared Dove

11 Common Myna

12 Coot

13 Crab Plover

14 Crested Lark

15 Curlew

16 Daurian Shrike

17 Desert Wheatear

18 Dunlin

19 Ferruginous Duck

20 Finsch's Wheatear

21 Gadwall

22 Greater Flamingo

23 Greater Sand Plover

24 Greater Spotted Eagle

25 Green Sandpiper

26 Grey Heron

27 Grey Plover

28 Grey-headed Swamphen

29 Gull-billed Tern

30 Heuglin's Gull

31 House Crow

32 House Sparrow

33 Hypocolius

34 Imperial Eagle

35 Isabelline Wheatear

36 Kentish Plover

37 Laughing Dove

38 Little Egret

39 Little grebe

40 Little Stint

41 Long-tailed Duck

42 Marsh Harrier

43 Moorhen

44 Namaqua Dove

45 Pallid Harrier

46 Pallid Swift

47 Persian Wheatear

48 Pied Kingfisher

49 Pochard

50 Redshank

51 Red-wattled Lapwing

52 Ringed Plover

53 Shoveler

54 Slender-billed Gull

55 Snipe

56 Steppe Eagle

57 Steppe Grey Shrike 

58 Steppe Gull

59 Swallow

60 Teal

61 Terek Sandpiper

62 Water Pipit

63 Western Reef Egret

64 White Wagtail 

65 White-cheeked bulbul

66 White-tailed Plover

67 White-throated Kingfisher


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