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RE: psuedonym/handles/nicknames

Using psuedonyms/handles/nicknames on the site can be very confusing and although originally I'd rather users didn't use them, I'd let it go mainly because I'm not for telling anyone off , I built the site and forum for you, the manchester birding public, so within reason you should be allowed to put what you prefer. However, the main confusion occurs when replying to posts from users with psuedonyms etc. as what the hell do you call them? Personally I like to know the persons name I'm replying to, I like that personal touch, there are enough forums out there and nearly everyone on them has some name that bears no reflection to their personal name. In the days we prefer to email or text someone rather than pick up the phone (not me though  ) I still like to atleast know someones name! 

Other than deleting your account and re-joining (I wondered what had gone on with you Geoff) you can simply add a signature with your name (see the bottom of my post here ) to your details which will appear automatically at the bottom of every post you make. This way atleast you can keep your psuedonym/handle/nickname and still allow readers to see who you really are- sorted!

Click User Details and then Edit Profile (top right). Scroll down and you'll find a box you can add your signature in but please try to leave it to simply your name   

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as ian says in his introduction to the forum you should use your proper name to sign in to the

forum,if like me however you signed in and then read ian,s instructions(doh) you,ll find it hard to edit your psuedonym.what i had to do as follows,log in with psuedonyn then go to edit details,delete the account and re join the forum with your proper name,all that happens is   

you lose the postings you made and the counters are reset.simple enough i know but took me

 a couple of months to suss and it is important ,hope that pass,es as an apology to all




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