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Post Info TOPIC: Greater Manchester Green Summit

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RE: Greater Manchester Green Summit

The Greater Manchester Green Summit is taking place on Salford Quays at The Lowry on Monday 17th October 2022


Free tickets @ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/greater-manchester-green-summit-2022-tickets-390317188217

"Now in its fifth year, Greater Manchesters Green Summit 2022 will be held at The Lowry Theatre, Salford Quays on Monday 17th October, the host is the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

This year, the summit is seeking input from businesses, policymakers, local communities and industry on how the city-region should accelerate action on its five-year environment plan, rising to the key environmental challenges facing it from implementing new policy and future innovations to industry adaptation and individual lifestyle changes.

The event will also focus on engaging young people around climate change. A youth-specific event strand will be held during the Green Summit, to be opened by the Mayor.

The Green Summit offers a great opportunity to meet and network with people who are determined to drive change and help the city-region meet its ambitious goals for the environment, with networking and exhibition stands."


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I've written this article ahead of the Greater Manchester Green Summit, personally, I think this event could be very positive

Greater Manchesters Natural Capital

Natural Capital is the generally accepted word for the economic value of the environment from a conservation perspective - nature conservation is an industry, and nature reserves can be big money spinners and provide more decent jobs for local people than, for example, the fracking industry, if conservation organisations with the know-how can work with business, local entrepreneurs and the community

The BBCs Springwatch has unlocked the British peoples love for the environment, but how many people in Greater Manchester realise that we have equally fascinating and enthralling wildlife on our own doorstep in the city region as can be watched on TV it is surely not long before Springwatch is broadcast from Greater Manchester, or we have our own similar style of television programme

As an environmental purist, perhaps it is slightly unpalatable to put a price on wildlife and the environment, but it could be argued that in todays current capitalist system we risk losing even more habitat and species if we dont maximise the natural capital potential of our wildlife and environment

Greenspaces are great for peoples mental health and dog-walking, but how many Councils are likely to refuse planning permission to big business because local people like to walk their dog around what is now likely to be eyed up as prime real estate land ?

I believe that we need to recognise the full potential of our environment and that the conservation movement, including the Save The Greenbelt movement, need to work in a much more business-like manner, and, likewise, the business community, including politicians, need to understand the value of natural capital, and perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle

If we organise, educate and promote in a sustainable, positive and efficient manner, how much could each bird, flower and tree be worth to the Greater Manchester economy ?

For example, Peregrines are now present in several urban habitats around Greater Manchester, yet hardly anyone knows about them, they are not promoted and in that sense, perhaps we are missing a trick in terms of positive publicity for the environment the business community, politicians, tourism industry and mainstream media in Greater Manchester just doesnt seem to have cottoned on yet to the natural capital value of the city region

Another example is the Willow Tit, how many people know just how special this bird is on a national level ? Ten per cent of the UK population calls Greater Manchester home, and with this species being increasingly confined to the North of England, we find ourselves in a unique position of responsibility in terms of conserving this species on the brink of extinction in the UK

The extreme weather event happening at the moment (late February/early March 2018), the extreme Arctic-like weather happening in Europe coinciding with an unprecedented temperature rise around the Arctic circle, is an urgent reminder that we are in the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch, where human, industrial activity is adversely affecting weather systems on a huge, planetary scale and we need change now!

Already this year, a decent number of green listening events have happened in preparation for the official Greater Manchester Green Summit, at Manchester Central, Wednesday 21st March 2018, and all these events are moving Greater Manchester City Region in a much more positive angle in terms of awareness of the concept of natural capital, but we now have to translate words to action


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Don't get too excited James. For 'green' read 'whitewash'. Whenever politicians discuss these issues they cannot help but mention the economy. You can only get them to sit up and take notice if there's money involved. I had an 'exchange' with Cllr Ganotis last year and I did not like his style at all. Very abrupt and discourteous.


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On Wednesday 21st March 2018, the Greater Manchester Green Summit is happening at Manchester Central (G-Mex)

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, has announced his ambitions for making Greater Manchester one of the leading green cities in Europe.

A landmark Greater Manchester Green Summit is being held in Spring 2018, Wednesday 21st March. This will be led by an expert panel of some of the brightest environmental minds in the UK, including academics and researchers from the University of Manchester. Members of the public will also be able to contribute views and ideas through an extensive public engagement process.

When announcing the event on 18th September 2017, Andy said: Today is an important day, not only for the people of Greater Manchester, but their children, grandchildren and generations to come.

I want to bring people together to debate if we are doing enough on climate change. By building a low-carbon economy in Greater Manchester, we will put ourselves in a strong position to attract more jobs and investment.

Greater Manchester absolutely has the knowledge, radical thinking and resources to deliver on this; weve a wealth of academic research and practical know-how to tackle this issue head on, if we put our minds to it.

Leading on this work with Andy is Alex Ganotis, leader of Stockport Council and Greater Manchesters lead for environmental issues and climate change.

Cllr Ganotis said: I am incredibly proud to lead this revolutionary project that will transform the lives of people in the city region.

This will take Greater Manchester to a different level that will rival green cities across the world and make the region much more appealing to prospective investors, doing wonders for the environment and the economy.

It is very exciting to be working with a panel of experts who will be involved in the public debate to learn the thoughts of both businesses and residents in the region.

The panel of experts includes specialists from the Tyndall Centre at the University of Manchester, environmentalists and businesses, who will lead a public debate on how plans can be developed to achieve carbon neutrality as early as possible.

A public engagement programme will pool together ideas for changing the way we use and generate energy for our homes and workplaces; encouraging more sustainable travel; improving our air quality; making better use of our green spaces; growing our economy; and innovating through low carbon technology.

Tickets have now been allocated, but the event is being livestreamed and you can still take part in the online Green Summit survey



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