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Post Info TOPIC: Tall Buildings and Light

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Tall Buildings and Light

Andy Bissitt wrote:

You may say that Manchester is not on the migration highway, but wasn't there once an article detailing all of the birds which had fallen victim to the peregrines in Manchester, and many of these were migrant species?

Not sure how this relates,confuse as no doubt this list would be from over some period of time. Without going into too much depth and changing the course of debate, but I've learnt the hard way myself in my early birding years that nature has a very balanced way of looking after itself- it's only like you pointed out earlier, when mankind gets involved, things go pear shaped and when issues are viewed from his point of view- quite often the solutions or ideas have sad consequences.

It's like the lighthouse for instance, though it saves countless lives, the light from modern bulbs when it's overcast at night acts like a 2nd moon. I've seen a programe on tv that showed many redwings face an unfortunate fate every year as they head straight for the windows of the lighthouse while they migrate at night and it's extra things like this that 'nature' never intended to deal with that has the potential to effect populations.

Hope this helps!

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I heard a lot of chatter coming from my garden today and discovered it was a Sparrowtalk. . https://www.flickr.com/photos/135715507@N06

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Mankind just does not learn. I saw a photograph sometime last spring (from the Guardian I think. The only paper that 'does' the environment) of a pile of about 100 birds found dead on a pavement in America having collided with buildings (Texas?). About 90% were Blackburnian warblers and American redstarts. It was just about the most upsetting thing I saw last year. You may say that Manchester is not on the migration highway, but wasn't there once an article detailing all of the birds which had fallen victim to the peregrines in Manchester, and many of these were migrant species?


To all Politicians, Heads of State, Businessmen, Landowners, Farmers etc... thanks for ruining my retirement.


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NYC is on a major migration route, but central Manchester isn't, so I'd guess it won't have any impact

Having said that, it's an unnecessary use of electricity that'll annoy as many as it pleases


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"Stunning for Who?"

I'll confess I am a newbie here and not really a birder - but I do love birds!  I'm concerned (for several reasons) about planned tall buildings in central Manchester.  Could we be overlooking the effects of light pollution on birds?  I commented on the Messenger thread (It is an excellent film in highlighting various challenges to migrants - should I eat organic??!

A current planning application for Manchester City centre (consultation deadline 31/01/18) refers to a 40th storey penthouse, which when lit:

"will create a stunning halo effect which will illuminate the crown feature at the top of the tower." 

Now Manchester is not New York! - with coastal bird migration.  But I'm interested in your views on any possible impact of such developments ...this one, and more in the planning pipeline.  Many of you will know that several US and Canadian cities (including inland ones) have night time 'Lights Out' policies during migration seasons. The report below describes research at the Tribute of Light in NY and indicates how light pollution can contribute to about ?500 million bird deaths / annum worldwide.


Thanks - I like your forum

Should you also wish to view the St Michael's Tower planning application, enter the no. at the Council Planning search facility: (persist - as documents often fail to display) http://www.manchester.gov.uk/planning/publicaccess. Application number: 114664/FO/2016. NB no nesting birds were found on the proposed site - though I previously fixed a nesting box (used) within 100m at the Friends Meeting House. The Black Redstart is cited in the application.


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