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Post Info TOPIC: Elton Reservoir and environs (other wildlife)

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RE: Elton Reservoir and environs (other wildlife)

Missed so many birds today only saw the stonechat which was kindly pointed out but some other consolations

Nebria brevicollis ground beetle old hall farm common
Anchomenus dorsalis green brown ground beetle site of Buckley fold near crow tree farm common but very colourful
Pretty sure Wood Louse Spider Dysdera crocata Buckley Fold found next to a wood louse under a stone its habbit is hunting under stones for wood lice. Not recorded in GMC before accordding to NBN.
Spider lepthyphantes zimmermanni site of buckly fold common
Orchesella villosa springtail buckley fold very hairy bouncy thing with distinctive antenna short and markings. Not recorded in GMC before accordding to NBN. Poss moving north
guilder rose hinds
Harvestman Leiobunum blackwalli
Agonum fuliginosum ground beetle dip
Pterostichus niger ground beetle dip
Plant bug Liocoris tripustulatus crow tree fm


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Thanks for that. It has been fascinating even spiders apart from when a HUGE Giant House-spider - Tegenaria duellica launched itself at me on the pump house. I will update fully as things go on and at the end of the year with ref to photos for anyone to look. Bugs go from easy ID like ladybirds to very probable to impossible like many of the parasitic wasps. Much has not beeen recorded because no one has looked. You find other more 'exotic' sites have comprehensive lists like the Sefton Coast. I think this web site and others have clearly shown how much bird and other life is on our doorstep. The work of Brian of others before clearly show this. I was doing some stuff on plants of manchester a land locked county that threw up Sea Buckthorn, Sea Mayweed, and Sea Raddish the last two in Bury. Cheers Ian.


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Keep this going Ian, very interesting, it's made me start looking in my collins guide to invertebrates from university days. Fabulous.
Cheers Ian


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From Saturday warm day so quite a lot out

horse-chestnut leaf miner Cameraria ohridella hinds
ASH KEY GALLS Agent: Aceria fraxinivorus hinds
Harlequin Ladybird - Harmonia axyridis variety succinea hinds
Phaonia rufiventris fly hinds
Common Flower Bug Anthocoris nemorum hinds
green shieldbug hawthorn shieldbug instar hinds
speckled wood small tortoise shell butterflies hinds
Common Field Grasshopper - Chorthippus brunneus dip
DISTORTED LEAF GALL Agent: Andricus curvator res on oak
Saldula saltatoria Common Shore Bug brook between doffer fold and res not recorded in GMC before
Mesembrina meridiana fly, Sepsis fulgens ensign fly creek

Other things to ID will update later
Things still going


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I've been searching for bugs and other flora and fauna in the area in 2011
will update fully once season ends
The area is basically Spenmoor, Res, Canal, Hinds, Lower Hinds, Radcliffe Marl Pits, Radcliffe Cen, Swan Lodge, Warth Fold Railway, Dip.
Many of these are SBI or Site of Biological importance. Means little in protection terms
Mainly important for birds, Elton with out the other bugs etc these would pass on by
Pictures and full listings on Manchester wildlife site
But to give some idea of the finds I think 8 species of ladybird, numerous spiders best Water Spider abundant in canal and some very big and they bite
Plants some goodies Narrow Leaved Pea, Wild Thyme, Wild marjoram, all notable
Flies pleasantly named and very distinctive soldier fly Four Ba nded Major
Butterfly Wall Brown
some foriegn visiters and pests Alder leaf beetle endemic in hinds and rhododenron leafhopper
Maidenhair Spleenwort - Asplenium trichomanes
Agonum fuliginosum ground beetle alpha hosp woods
chironomonus luridus none biting midge
emmelina monodactyla plume moth
Parasitellus mite on bumble bee 80% of queens infected they feed on bee wax and rather than feeding on the queen they hitch a lift
Paroligolophus agrestis harvestman on willow hinds
culex pipiens mosquito dam in a vweb
pretty sure Leistus rufomarginatus ground beetle spenmoor Moving north
pirata hygrophilus spider spenmoor pond
ichneumon wasp very distinctive spenmoor pond I saw one of these on the canal bolton so they are parasitoid wasp ass with water can't id
Pterostichus niger ground beetle hinds
And Orb spider arianus diadematus in the rain it was against the light
With Brian's splendid efforts on the bird front a good insight into the wildlife of this area will be achieved in 2011

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